Welcome To Conspiracy Theories R US                                                           


Tired of listening to facts about overrun hospitals, supermarket queues, loneliness, mental health problems and people struggling to get by. Think that wearing masks should just be on Halloween?

There’s an answer:

Join Conspiracy Theories R Us and just pretend it isn’t happening.

You will then be free to go and meet your friends for a drink, hug everyone in the safe knowledge that you are hurting no-one at all. Home deliveries: who needs em. You can proudly march down to Morrisons with no mask and push your way to the front of the toilet roll queue. Vaccines, who needs em eh! They’re not turning us into a Bill Gates controlled 5G Mast.

To Join Our Society just send a cheque for £1000 to your local foodbank.

Look forward to seeing you all at our first meeting, where Elvis Presley will be our guest speaker. Learn how to put smiley faces on Facebook posts of people trying to talk about facts. We will also excusively be revealing how the USA faked those moon landings using a fairy liquid bottle, some builders sand and Buzz Lightyear.

See ya all soon …..